Toolbar settings not saving

I have been trying to have the “Arrange” window checked to have the full toolbar open.
It doesn’t save any longer for some reason…well it does but as soon as I open a saved program it reverts back to not showing. If I save the file again with the tools showing and then close and re open the file, it opens without the tools showing. Maybe it never saved? All the other windows do.

Edit: Same on most recent beta.

Can you show pictures? There’s nothing special about that particular window.

Cannot see a picture helping. The full toolbar is there when I close it. The shorter version is there when I re-open LB. It’s just not saving. The full (Arrange) tools on the toolbar. I guess just try it this:

Window/Arrange (checked) Full toolbar shows up.
Click New icon. Toolbar icons revert back to original. Arrange box is no longer checked in Window settings.

I have found and fixed this, and it’ll be in the next release. Basically the ‘Simple Mode’ setting was forcing either the long or short toolbar, but you couldn’t manually override it.


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