Top Wisdom controller support

Hi folks… I know there is an outstanding item in for this, but that’s a hard way to find out the current status, so I thought I’d start a post about it here… sorry not sorry :wink:

I love and miss using Lightburn… my new 80W shipped with a TL-410C and wow, AutoLaser is just not a great piece of software. it’s missing much that I use all the time in Lightburn and it’s crash city… all of that AND I had to find a Windoz box to run it on… we are a Mac house/office/workshop… and well… enough said.

Can we get an update on if any progress has been made on this?


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Not much, unfortunately. The one-two punch of the Christmas holiday and shipping cameras has claimed a bunch of time. Having said that, I’m leaving my day job at the beginning of next month to go full time with LightBurn, which should accelerate things in general.


Oh wow! Going full time on LB is an amazing achievement, well done!
Yeah I figured when you mentioned pre Xmas that you will try to find some time on your holiday break to get started on it, that it was wishful thinking :wink:
It’s not like I can’t use my 80W without LB… I just feel dirty doing it :frowning:


A little terrifying as well, but it’s time.

I have done some initial digging into the file format for the 403 and have a lot of that disassembled already, but it’s the first controller that uses TCP instead of UDP, so I have to write a new version of my man-in-the-middle relay system, and haven’t had much time to work on it for a bit. I do want to get back to it.

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Thanks for the extra info… sorry it’s going to be a troublesome set of boards… but it seems to be getting used a lot these days… seeing it pop up more and more on Laser forums/FB groups etc.


Just purchased a Chinese Laser with a TL-410C controller. Would love to see support of this controller. Will 100% purchase Lightburn if a available.

From what you (LightBurn Team) were saying is that you were having issues communicating directly to the Topwisdom controller. Are you able to have Lightburn create .OUT files so that we could use LightBurn and all it’s functions, create the file, then move the file to the machine via memory stick, at least for the meantime?

Honestly the biggest issue is supporting the current user base while finding the time to reverse engineer the next controller.

That’s fair. My question is, should I tough it out for another 3-6 months or should I convert to a Ruida because it will be a long time, 1+ years.

Conversion to Ruida would certainly be faster. If the money and the swap aren’t daunting, that’s the way I would go myself. There are a number of things happening in the coming months that will slow development a bit (I’m moving across the country, and a couple expo events) so that’s not going to help matters.

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I appreciate the honesty, thanks!

Add my name to TL 410C users who would really prefer using LightBurn. Agree with others that Autolaser is pretty brutal. Understand the challenges but will buy the moment support is available.

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