Top Wisdom (?) Red & Black Laser cutter

Very new here and new to all this techy stuff so please be nice to me. Long story please bear with me.

Live in Australia and purchased a 60w Top Wisdom laser cutter in April this year, through Ebay :frowning: worked it all out and was amazed at what I could make and cut with it. I added a bigger water pump and a larger air/dust extractor.

All was going well until a month ago it just wouldnt start, contacted seller and after much fobbing around he suggested a electrician look and report on it. Thus we did with video evidence. He has been sent attachments and links to the vids but refuses to acknowledge them.

Paypal are now (supposedly but I wont hold my breath) requesting a refund or parts to repair.
Now IF its the control panel and who would know at this stage, and I get a refund of some sort, where would I get a control panel from and ??? I dont know what to ask or where to go from here.

Yes its not a very expensive piece but its a start into this whole area

I have a similar machine and (knock on wood) I havenโ€™t had a problem with it. I have heard many stories about power supply problems and they are pretty easily found on ebay, amazon etc. CloudRay sells just about every component you might need replacing and you should be able to find them both on eBay and AliExpress.