TopWisdom TL-40

Hi, all. Im just starting with lightburn software and works great, however i have a Topwisdom TL-40 controller and when i like to send a large file it doesn´t load. I normally work with vector files on LightBurn,is there a trick to load large files on this controller or i need to expand the memory?. Thank you in advance.

How large are you talking for a vector file?

It has 64MB of working storage, you can’t upgrade it.

Are you connecting via network or USB?

I would be surprised if you are blowing storage, unless its a massive vector file.

My most complex file is a tad over 10MB in size, and that’s an hour cutting on a fast and powerful machine.

Hello and thank´s for the quick response, the .out file is only 900KB, the ai is 1.4MB. We transfer data by USB port.

Do you use a USB stick or cable?

Just as a tip, ethernet is the best solution for connecting. You don’t even need a router or hub - just a Cat5 cable straight to your PC.

Thank you for the tip, I will try with Ehternet cable. I think don´t matter but I´m ussing a Mac instead of a PC.

So am I.

It should be even easier to talk than using a PC with its awful serial comms subsystem.

Set your mac Ethernet address to mask, no gateway or router. Set your laser to10.0.0.100 mask and connect them with a cable and you should be working.

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