Total Newbie to Lasers

I got a 20 watt Neje laser for my 3018 all new build I got a raspberry pi to control it all - anything funky with
linux install???

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If by “Linux install” you mean installing LightBurn onto a Raspberry Pi running Linux, you’ll be disappointed - we don’t have a Pi compatible version, because it’s not Intel chip compatible. If you’re installing on a PC, and connecting to a Raspberry Pi somehow, that can be done with some hoop jumping.

Hya Oz and everyone,

Yeah realize that I lightburn won’t run on linux / pi.

What I have got now is Raspberry pi 4 with Pi cam over my CNC machine. Cabled in over cat 6 (in my workshop fifty meters away) to my windows 10 desktop. Pi is flashed with Octoprint plugin “Better GRBL support” and also can run Universal GRBL sender. Got limit switches and can jog and send Gcodes to my CNC to octoprint and UGS from windows desktop via VNC.

So now the hoop jumping bit - If I run lightburn on my windows 10 desktop, I would need to manually configure the parameters of my CNC. Do my design / cutting and export the Gcode and save it locally on my desktop. Start VNC and log into octoprint on the pi, upload my Gcode and hit start.

Better GRBL plugin on the pi already has the bedsizes etc configured I guess I would just need to make sure the same settings were inputted into lightburn so all sing off the same songsheet.

Am I missing something VERY important.

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Yes - How fast do you run? 50 meters is a good sprint, and if that distance has a few doors in the way, when you have a fire (not if) you’ll need to cover that distance, deal with doors, footwear and other obstacles, grab the extinguisher, and put out the fire. It’s much easier to do this if you are standing in front of the machine, and the overall damage will be dramatically lower.

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Very Good Point Oz.

It is a straight run outdoors actually 45 metres (I cut 5M of a 50M reel of cable)

The workshop is full of woodworking machines that all require manual operation. My 3018 machine is the first ‘robotic’ machine and I obviously do need to bear fire protection / alarm in mind seriously. The sawdust is a big issue from all the machines and when working I keep the garage door open.
I would not let a high power laser work unattended, I also use the 3018 as a CNC.

I am also installing a second extraction system our main extractor is very good at collection sawdust but totally unsuited to fumes so a second one goes straight out through the wall and will handle both.

It just that the workshop is both dusty and very cold in winter and life expectancy of any “normal” PC would be limited. I intend today to download lightburn on to my laptop and set it up out there when I get the feel of it under normal operation try and remote start from the Pi.

It is a workshop both my Dad and I work out there we both have our own workbenches and it would be a simple matter for one of us to keep an eye on things but I guess a smoke alarm is going to be pretty high on my shopping list

Another option came to mind I could plug a RJ45 to usb converter and not bother with the Pi at all.

I take your warning seriously and will take all necessary precautions a fire would do an awful lot of expensive damage.

More sombre Cheers from Peers


Got lightburn installed on the laptop attached to my 3018
Had to rewire NEJE laser

But first tests are not great - Was out there till six oclock and bloody freezing
will try again next few days…

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Hya Oz and everyone,

Had a lot more success today.

Got everything up and running just not in the way I had hoped.

When I design and run a file it burns upside down and reversed. Homing also seems to be reversed in my
When I home the machine the y axis moves all the backward and the x is to the left but when I try and do a burn it tries to go more backward and left so hits the limit switches. I can reset and move it with the commands.

It’s something simple in the configuration but it works fine with UGS and octoprint GRBL plugin.

Have another go tommorrow

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If you haven’t already. this is worth a read.

I have put limit switches on the machine so with a few $ commands it homes perfectly

My main issue now is how to save Gcode from lightburn in order to port it to my raspberry pi running GRBL
I did see one of the tutorials that showed a save gcode block on the gui but mine doesn’t show this.
Have I got something wrong here???

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I have just run lightburn on a pc not connected to my laser / 3018 and the save gcode button is there but on my laptop that is attached to the machine it’s not

Check to ensure you do not have ‘Beginner Mode’ turned ON (green). It should be OFF (red) to see the ‘Save GCode’ button, along with other “advanced” features.

Have you tried CNCjs as the gcode sender instead of OctoPi? Since you mention machine shop and 3018 CNC maybe that will be of interest. It runs on the rPi and like OctoPi it’s a Javascript browser frontend. It’s been a while but I have used it a couple of times sending Lightburn gcode to an Ortur LaserMaster.

Good idea getting things setup with Lightburn directly connected. Getting orientation, origin, etc setup first is key before going across a remote connection. If you add on a good MJPEG camera CNCjs can also stream live so you’ll know when to grab the fire extinguisher and start running. Unless you’re off making coffee or something. Come to think of it, I’ve seen a good number of burned up K40 laser cutters but not one diode laser machines yet. Who’ll be the first?

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