Trace image - clear boundary

Hello dear Lightburn friends,
I am playing a little bit with the “trace image” function.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything anywhere about the item:
“clear boundary”.
Can someone explain me what this one does?
I have loaded different images and with “clear boundary” and without “clear boundary I don’t find” any difference.
I would be very happy about an answer
Best regards from Germany
Elli :kissing_heart:

“Clear boundary” is not a setting. It’s an action. It only applies if you have first created a boundary by dragging a rectangular selection on the image. The boundary limits the portion of the image that you want to apply the trace to. If you no long want the boundary you use the “clear boundary” button to remove the boundary.

Hello berainlb , great you helped me so much. Thank you very much.
Love greetings Elli

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