Traceline between two independend vectorelements

High, i found the problem that cutting different vector elements, traveling from vector to vector the laser traces a line. it looks like its no burning with the same power as it cuts the vector, but its creating an ugli line where thyere should be none, Im new here in these forum ( i signed in just for finding a solution to the mentioned problem) and i apolagise if these problem has been treated allready in the past.

Usually this is caused by laser mode not being enabled in GRBL configuration.

Check value of $32 in Edit->Machine Settings. Set this to 1 if currently 0.


goong to try it today, normaly i do these modification, but since there had been only a serie of cuts, i supose i forgot to push the macro.
Related to this issue and avoiding using my weak memory, would it work adding “$32=1” in -device settings, -gcode, -StartGCode?
I have been trying but didn’t get it done, is there ant additional comand to add here. Thanks so much up to now!! best regards from Spain

$32=1 is a GRBL configuration change and would normally persist ever after power cycle. It’s not really meant as something to be changed dynamically and should not need to be done at every job. There are cases where manufacturers lock-out configuration changes, however.

In your case, I’m second guessing this. Normally this issue would show for someone working first time with the laser but sounds like you’re saying you’ve had this for a while. So either your laser is one of those where writes have been locked out or there’s something else going on. In that case you could try adding this to the start g-code.

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