Tracing multiple layers with diffrent pass counts

I’m trying to assign different pass counts per layer, so in layer 1 I get a nice clean and thin engrave (with only 2 pass counts), and layer 2 for cutting the outline with 6 pass counts.
But I’m not finding how to do this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Each cut/layer edit window has the pass count, is it missing? It’s also for each sub layer…

Fill mode:

Line mode:

Can you post a screenshot of the cut/layer edit window?


You can use TRACE more than one time. I suggest you use TRACE for the engrave layer - put that layer on BLUE and set aside. Use TRACE again, put that layer on RED.

Select the RED layer, use the offset tool with these options selected:

get this result:

Select blue layer, press “P” to center in the workspace.
Select red layer, press “P” to center in the workplace.

Set your engrave and cut parameters

The outline is cut through and the inside is engraved.

Does that match your expectations??

How do I even change the color?
When I trace, both automatically fall into the same layer, which sucks.

When I trace, both automatically fall under the same layer, which sucks.
The outer one is to cut, which should be about 6 psses, the inner one is to engrave…

Sorry to step in.
You can select another layer.
Have a read.

CTRL+A select all

UNGROUP by clicking on the single person button… image

ESC to de-select active objects

Select items that you want to change to different layer and then select that layer