Tracing shape after DXF import

Black is imported DXF shape and red is my attempt to trace. I did it by with the line tool and creating many small segments.

Is there a method in LB to smooth out the imported shape.


The tracing with the line tool leaves some hard corners. How to smooth them out to a curved shape.


dxf does not need to be traced

Clearly you did not look at the imported part. Totally ragged edges.

What he is saying is that the purpose of “Tracing” an image in LightBurn is to turn a raster graphic into vector lines. A DXF file is already vector lines, and does not need to be “Traced” as it is. Your best bed would be to probably go into Node Edit mode, and clean up the nodes to clean up your lines. I’ve also had some luck cleaning up stuff like that with Edit/Optimize Select Shapes. The combination of the two may help, just takes some time and experimentation.

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