Tracing then adjusting with nodes, shows as complete yet wont fill ants running right around what should I do taking hrs

happened several times a font that down to be filled , when I preview says filled objects not closed . when I press show doesn’t really show? also when highlighted shows all as flashing as in highlighted so how do you find where the break is or how to fix?

Send up a .lbrn2 file with the problem so we have a real chance to help you.

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Unfortunately , I deleted it after spending hrs trying so I figured it’d be quicker to just restart. This has happened on other occasions says not closed yet ants going all around! There has to be a way to fix it quicker and more productive, than I’m doing

Hard to provide specific assistance without knowing exactly the content you were working with. Often, you can select the shape, then hit Alt+B (Break Apart), to dissemble the components that make up the shape, followed immediately by selecting them again and press Alt+J to ‘Auto-Join’ them back together again. This should result in closing this shape. :slight_smile:

No problem, when you run into a specific problem with unclosed shapes again, we’ll look into it.

It is not always easy to see where a shape is “broken”, even with a lot of experience it sometimes takes time to find the fault. One of the more automated ways to solve the problem is to “break apart” and then “join together”.

Yes but when it say show where ( as in where it’s broken ! Only shows the whole word in my case! Any way thanks I’ll try again tomorrow! Also sometimes there’s so many nodes especially to break apart and rejoin …. Maybe this would be a good improvement to LightBurn , making it easy to identify where the problem is…… cheers still love LightBurn ……… pat

If you have all nodes selected by selecting the entire shape, the ‘Break-Apart’ and ‘Auto-Join’ should work on all nodes at the same time.

You might also be able to reduce the total number of nodes used in the design by selecting the shapes and then select ‘Optimize Selected Shapes’ to tune the shape and reduce the nodes required to produce these paths. :slight_smile:

Optimize Selected Shapes

Attempts to fit the selected shapes to arcs and lines within a specified error tolerance. Useful for reducing the point count in a shape, or recovering arcs from software that exports them as many small line segments. (Alt+Shift+O)

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