Track map without double line

Hello, I’m tracing the map of Brazil to cut a puzzle for my son, but it always generates double lines between the states, how can I solve this problem to make the cutting better?

Can you upload file?


rastreada.lbrn2 (396,9,KB)

You need to use Inkscape for center line tracing. I described the process here: LightBurn Tips and Tricks - Diode Laser Wiki

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Thanks for the tip. It’s a shame it doesn’t have this in Lightburn, I’ll need to install another program just for that

Lightburn does lack some useful functions.

Yep, I agree. But in this case, it’s a licensing issue, actually. Otherwise, LB would feature this algorithm as well, I’m quite confident.

I would think being open source that there could be some arraignment made.

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