Transfer Failed Error

I keep getting the Transfer Failed error. I have to restart everything to get it back working, then again about 3 or 4 runs later, it happens again. It is very random and very frustrating. Never had this issue running RDW, which is no longer installed on my machine.

I am running the trial v9.06 on windows10 machine connected via ethernet to Ruida 6445. I have the machine on its own circuit, machine is grounded, no loose connections.

A couple questions:

  • Wired or wireless connection?
  • What are you sending? (as in, what type of file, settings, etc)

Wired Connection.
Happens with everything, whether it is a Line, Fill, or an Image.
Happens with items imported (dxf, svg, jpg) as well as items created with LB’s drawing tools.

I can email you the file I am working on now. It has failed 3 times in the last 45 minutes.

Failed just now. Rebooted Laser. File Send Failed, I hit the FRAME button as a comm test, it frames out correctly, just won’t accept the file when I hit START.

Send the file, and I’ll have a look. I’ve only just gotten a 6445 device for testing, so it might take me a bit before I can get it set up.

Understood. What email should I send to?
More info: I don’t believe it is losing connection because I can move the head, etc from LB, and it correctly shows its position. Just won’t accept the file when I hit START.


Send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com

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