Transfer failed - LighBurn 1.3.01

I have an Omtech Polar being run by a Surface Pro 9. The laser will cut and engrave on small projects provided I don’t resize. But if I resize or load a large project that takes up the majority of the bed, The power button turns red and the following error message appears : “Transfer failed - Lightburn 1.3.01 There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.” I have switched out computers and rebooted several times.

Hi Melvin,

Just wanted to add that in the past couple of days my laser has been giving me the same error. If a job is completed or if I reset the controller it still throws up the error. If I press “Stop” in lightburn it doesn’t beep 3 times as it normally would and then let me press “start” or “frame”.

I’m running ruida controllers and Windows PC.


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