Transition lines!

I have a sainsmart 3018 pro with laser and WITH $32=1 selected I still get transition lines.
I tried changing $30=100 thru 1000 and $31=100 thru 100
and as soon as go to $31=900 with $30=1000 I loose laser power and won’t burn/

HELP!!! before this thing goes in the water!!!

If you are using Grbl, understanding exactly what these settings “do” might be of help to you.

What version of firmware is used to drive this laser? What Device Profile did you select in LightBurn? Post your firmware settings for review.

Don’t set $31 to 900. Set $31 to 0, $30 to 1000, and $32 to 1.

Then, don’t try to make the laser go faster than the firmware limits allow. That’s why you’re losing power. Read here: Configuring a 3018 CNC (or other CNC-based laser) for use with LightBurn

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