Traversal moves between the letters in the text

HI! I need help in solving the problem of burning the traversal moves between the letters in the text

. Are there any way to not to have them? Besides that my text appears to get printed in mirror order…Any way to get it fixed? Really appreciate your assistance.

Welcome! We have seen this a time or two. Take a look at this post for resolution.

As for the mirroring, this is due to not having the machine origin setup correctly in LightBurn. If you go to “Device Settings” in the upper left is a setting called “Origin” with 4 dots, one for each corner. Pick the corner opposite the current one in the direction things are mirrored.

So, for example, if your output is mirrored vertically, and your origin is currently on the bottom, move it to the top.

Oh, Thanks very much for this info Rick. Will deal with it tomorrow. Sure it is gonna be sorted out. So excited to get it fix tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi Rick! As you recommended, the settings are done and here is the result. So happy with it! But for some reason the laser settings to reach this what’s on the pic had to put 700 mm speed and 100% of a 5.5 laser (yesterday before I change the setting it was 6000 and 20%).

In any case, your offered solution is a lifesaver. Really appreciate your assistance!

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The lighter burn is probably you asking the controller to go faster than it is allowed. Read here:

Thanks Rick! Will look into that and hopefully will solve the issue. Otherwise am loving Lightburn software. Gives so many options to control while using the laser. Understand that my machine is not designed to work with lasers but the results I have reached so far are exceeded my expectations

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