Traverse Speed on Xcarve

Hello all. I have a Jtech laser attached to my Xcarve, I have the xcontroller running GRBL 1.1F.

I’m loving Lightburn and really getting dialed in. My issue is that I am unable to increase the traverse speed. Even when increased in the settings the machine continues to run at the same speed consistently.

Thanks for your help!

Can you elaborate a little on which traversal speed you mean? (jog speed, speed between cutting moves, … ?) There are settings in the firmware that will limit that (as you’ve noted), and the jog speed in LightBurn is controlled by the Speed value in the “Move” window - that is used for the click-to-position tool and the jog buttons.

Sorry, I as specifically talking about the speed in between the laser actually firing during a scan. I am doing some large prints that have a lot of white space. And when I adjust the value in the settings, nothing happens.

That would be because LightBurn actually does that as a G1 S0 move, not a traverse, in order to avoid wobble from varying the speed. You can change this by enabling the “Fast Whitespace Scan” in the Device Settings, and giving it a value to use for those traversals.

You can also change “Scan all shapes at once” to “Scan by Groups” or “Scan Shapes Individually”, and for diodes, it’s worth trying “Flood Fill” as well - if you have something like a picture frame with a lot of empty space, Flood Fill helps a lot, but it’s not recommended for general use as it adds a lot of processing time to more complex scans, and can jump around a lot.

Perfect!! Thank you for the help!! I will play with these settings tonight!