Traverzalzüge werden mit gelasert (Traversal lines are also lasered)

Die Änderung §31=1 in GRBL muss vor jedem Job eingegeben werden. Kann man die Daten speichern?

The change §31=1 in GRBL must be entered before each job. Can you save the data?

If this is happening, it is the firmware in the laser that is at fault. GRBL firmware is supposed to save any changes you make to the EEPROM so it is stored permanently. If the firmware does not do that, it was altered by whoever makes your machine, so I would contact them directly to see if that can be changed or repaired.

In diesem Fall ist die Firmware im Laser schuld. Die GRBL-Firmware soll alle Änderungen speichern, die Sie am EEPROM vornehmen, damit es dauerhaft gespeichert wird. Wenn die Firmware dies nicht tut, wurde sie von dem Hersteller Ihrer Maschine geändert, also würde ich sie direkt kontaktieren, um zu sehen, ob das geändert oder repariert werden kann.

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Any reason you’re trying to change $31 (min power) specifically? That’s a little unusual.

And Sculpfun is a known brand to block EEPROM writes.

Ja, ich hatte diesen Tipp bekommen und das funktioniert auch.

Yes, I got this tip and it works.

Changing $31 to 1 from 0 works? Normally burnt traversal moves are caused by using a GRBL device type while having $32=0 (laser mode off). This is fixed by enabling laser mode with $32=1.

Can you confirm the device type that you’ve configured for your laser and also the value of $32?

You are right, sorry. I changed the value of $32=0 to $32=1. But the the controller does not save the value. I must change it every time.

That’s a known issue with Sculpfun but they normally ship with $32=1 so not sure why yours is different. Can you upload the output of $$ in Console?

Do you have access to a firmware file from Sculpfun? If so, you might be able to try reloading the firmware to see if you can get that as default.

Or else I recently discovered that Sculpfun uses an Arduino like mainboard. You may be able to flash a custom firmware to get around this limitation. However, I don’t know of anyone who’s done this to confirm. And if you don’t have access to the original firmware you may not be able to go back.

Ich habe keinen Zugriff aus die Firmware-Datei von Sculpfun. Hier die Daten von der Konsole.

Can you confirm this is for Sculpfun S9? These settings are so different than normal.

Do your jogging controls work in the correct direction? Yours should be inverted on Y so up is down and down is up.

I suggest you try re-flashing your firmware.

If you want to try flashing a custom firmware check this post that describes how to do it and the recommended firmware.

For the custom firmware there are still a number of changes to your GRBL settings you should probably make.

Here are what look like to me the differences from normal based on others configuration on this site:


Ich benutze einen Sculpfun S9. Ich kann die GRBL Firmware nicht finden, können Sie mir das bitte zeigen? Ich bin kein Experte.

I use a Sculpfun S9. I can’t find the GRBL firmware, can you please show me? I’m not an expert.

I mistranslated what you said last time. I thought you indicated that you already had the firmware. If that’s not the case and you’re not familiar with this process then I’m hesitant to recommend a firmware upgrade.

I suggest you contact Sculpfun support and explain your situation. They will probably instruct you to update the firmware and provide the file and instructions.

Ich habe nur eine alte Version. Ich könnte die Firmware schon selbst installieren. Ich finde die Datei aber nicht auf der Laser GRBL Homepage. Können sie mir sagen wo ich diesen finden kann.

I only have an old version. I could install the firmware myself. But I can’t find the file on the Laser GRBL homepage. Can you tell me where I can find this.

Did you review the other Topic that I linked? It covers the procedure step-by-step and has screenshots.

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