Trial expired window opens unnessarly

I have had Lightburn for several years now and have a glitch with most DXF down loads from various web sights. It displays Trial period expired and asks for renewal I see it so often I have direct link set up to go to criptix and retrieve license code. I am assuming that it is in the files I’m downloading as all of my settings are completely different till I save file and re open then everything goes back to normal. It is small inconvenience but embarrassing when opening in front of people. Running 9.18 currently

We have not seen this reported before, so thank you for that. Can you show us a video of this happening, if possible? You can post a link to where you host your video like YouTube, DropBox or similar.

We are wanting to see this “in action”, if you will, then might want to review one of the DXF files, but this is quite odd. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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