Trial version says I don't have a galvo license

I’m following the steps in the Laser Everything install video and everything was going smoothly! Lightburn found my laser, but I’m getting a “You have selected a galvo device but do not have the galvo license” message with the only option being to “upgrade your license key”. All other options are greyed out. Selecting the upgrade button just kicks me back to the “Find Your Laser” page. This is a fresh download of version 1.2.00 from today (7/1/22) at around 8:45am from the link in your news/blog post Suggestions?? And THANKS!!! for developing software for galvo fiber lasers!

Do you have an existing, activated license for a CO2 laser? If so try to deactivate it and then restart and try again.

No, I don’t have an existing license. I did, however discover a solution. After closing Lightburn then reopening it I was about to get through the entire activation and setup process.

I’ve found why that’s happening and fixed it for the next patch update.


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