Tried to send project to laser and it told me it was busy

new to this so bare with me. Set up project went to send to laser and and program said laser was offline or busy which it wasnt not sure what i did any help would be appreciated thank u

What machine/controller is it ?,

60 watt OMtech but just saw that there is software update might be problem

It’s more likely the Mac… :frowning:


Are you using a cross over cable for the ethernet ?, if it’s a standard cable then it won’t work, you could run it through a switch which might solve you problem.

Turnaround cables went away in the 90’s. Hardware and cables can determine the connections. I plugged my old Linux box directly into the Ruida and no problems… No turnaround.

When I find them, I pitch them as they are pretty old (read ‘slow’) cables. The Ruida is limited to
10/100MHZ Ethernet, so much for high speed.

It could be your laser thinks it’s up to something. It won’t answer if it’s doing something. Seems to me I got more of a definitive error message that a blanket coverage.

One of the things I’ve learned about Lightburn, is that the error messages actually have meaning and are not a blanket coverage.

One of the big difficulties in software is propagating a good indication of what happened in some obscure module buried under layers in the software.


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