Trim and Extend preview

Another set of powerful node edit tools are previewed.


@adammhaile gets the kudos for this one.


This will be in version .12?
The trim function is already in .11, but the extend not.

Am I the only one not hearing any audio on this video?

I hear audio when I play it.

Correct - you’re the only one. :slight_smile:

Trim is in the beta, not in V 0.9.11.

Got it. Volume was just very low in the video.

I saw the video about trim/extend. Exciting news and can’t wait.
More and more this wonderful software becomes a “just one software needed” product. If the developer continue on this path one day there will barely the need for most other programs to design for and run our lasers.

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It slices and dices and even makes Julienne fries, removes stubborn stains. and repels fleas and mosquitoes! But wait, there’s more!

Now how much would you pay? :laughing:

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