Trim / Entend Buttons?

Hello - I really like the new trim and extend functions of node edit; are there graphical buttons to use these features? I switch between a lot of different applications so remembering the hot keys for each is really a pain. Also tool buttons reminds me what features/functions are available in a given context. I have searched around but am not seeing any buttons for these; but wanted to ask in case I am missing them. Thanks!

The trim/extend feature is context based, that is, dependent on the mouse location. You would not be able to click a button to activate this feature, hence the “buttons” are the keys T and E, no keyboard modifiers such as shift or alt involved.

Understood thanks. I added a suggestion to move these features out of the node editing mode and list them under a menu or to create their own buttons as it is really impossible for a new user to discover them in the software without already knowing they exist and they are such useful features it seems a shame to have them so hidden. (If others agree vote here: )

Point the cursor at the Node Edit button and press F1 (help). All keys are listed there.

I’m not sure how you can put trim and extend on a button or even a context menu (right-click) because it’s so decidedly location specific. The mouse pointer rests over the segment and the keyboard activates the feature.

In a button environment, your mouse is on the button. What segment gets trimmed or extended? Of course, there could be a reversal of actions, in that the button is clicked and the next click determines the location, but that’s inconsistent with the node editing currently in place. Consistency would be preferred over confusion, I think.

The reversal action is used in AutoCAD, I believe, although that portion of my brain has gone into hibernation as of late.

Hi Oz - thanks I didn’t even know about the F1 option! Though again you still you have know about that as it isn’t discoverable (so anyone who doesn’t use it daily is probably not going to use that feature)-- and for many computers these days the function keys are not primary as they do others things like dim screens.

For the trim feature – Yes I would disassociate it with “node editing mode” and have it work standalone. As it isn’t in my opinion intuitive that you can only trim after selecting node edit. A really nice implementation of this is done in VCarve. I have uploaded a quick video of how it works – I use this constantly for setting up layouts for the CNC router (which is a very similar workflow to laser when setting up the artwork):

I have Aspire, and they work the same. The problem with adding it the way they have it is that it means more tool buttons and more space taken on the side bar. I’ll think about it - Now that the code exists, we could have a new tool mode that was just trim or extend, and have it work on a mouse click. I prefer having it the way it is because I use keystrokes for everything, but I understand not everyone does.

Thanks I understand and know people work in different ways. I just wanted to ask; and I have added it to the feature request to see if it gets many votes or not. I definitely appreciate the hard work and the thoughtfulness that you put into Lightburn.

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