Trocen 7813 issues with connectivity and more

Hi everyone, been using Lightburn with a Ruida Controller with perfect results for the past 5 months. Now I got another machine running the latest Trocen Controller 7813. One of the things I noticed is that Lightburn looks slightly different and has a few different options than when running the Ruida, I’m assuming its Controller specific. I’m connected via Ethernet on a Mac with IP address on the same range.
I’m hoping someone here has some experience with Trocen and can lend a hand.

The main issue I’m having is connectivity. Even though Lightburn shows “ready” there’s always an issue connecting to the controller. Not once in a while but always. I press start to run a job and I get the message “machine is busy or paused” or “file transfer failed”. After trying over and over for 10 to 15 times it eventually starts. Getting position from the controller to Lightburn is the same issue. Lightburn is not receiving data from the Controller.

Another issue in X-axis direction. It runs backwards if jogged from lightburn. If I change the settings on lightburn then it runs backwards if jogged from the controller.

Kinda puzzled right now… Thanks in advance for any help.

the controller ip is true? pc ip, software ip

True IP? What does that mean? Thanks

  • Which version of LightBurn are you running?
  • Wired connection, or wireless? If you’re using WIFI, that’s the issue.

Latest version of Lightburn. Ethernet to Mac. Connected the same way as with my Ruida controller. IP address on the same range.

if you have use wifi, firstly you have check the router ip, after , change the panle ip. just the controller connect the router , you will use wifi

you have use the net communctioan , it has two ways , one , from the computer to the controller direlectly, two : we use the router

Thank you but I’m not using Wi-Fi

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