Trocen and Ruida controllers seem to handle Shape Properties Power Scale differently?

I’ve got new tubes in both my 60W CO2 Ruida laser, and in my 150W CO2 Trocen/AWC laser. I’m trying to get a baseline for the performance of the new tubes. I used a file I’ve seen shared for showing a range of power settings in a regular grid. After doing some research, I cleaned up the file to make it work right. I gave each sample color max=100% & min=0%, then assigned each successive square a Power Scale equal to the number at the top of the column. In the first image, you can see that the power scaling worked as expected. This was on the 60W Ruida machine. But on the 150W Trocen/AWC machine, I got no differentiation across the power scale at all. You can see that in the second image. Is it known if Trocen/AWC controllers support the power scale feature? Is there some other explanation I’m not thinking of? Thanks in advance!

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