Trocen AWC TL-3120 : There was problem sending data to the laser

After successfully sending a file to the printer, the next time I want to use it on LightBurn, I recieve the message “there was problem sending data to the laser”, and I have to click Find My Laser every time.

You should power the controller first, then launch LightBurn. If you’re not doing that, try right-clicking the “Devices” button to retry connecting to the controller. You should see “Found Trocen AWC device” or similar in the lower status bar when it connects.

Yes I am doing this, even clicking find device and then ok reconnects it. The software just seems to think the controller is busy when it’s not.

You shouldn’t have to click “find device” - just clicking Devices and Ok is cycling the connection, the same as right-clicking the Devices button does. I’ll have a look at the connection code and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

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