Trocen AWC608 limit switch debugging

Following up on my controller issues which I was able to fix, I am now trying to figure out why the limit switches don’t work. Using my faithful multimeter, I was looking at what was happening in the controller.

On the limit switch, it’s reading at a constant 6-7 mA. When the switch closes, that drops to 0 which is expected as far as I can tell.

Looking on the controller the endstop contacts as in the image below, GND x ELX(-/+) the readings are the same when the limit switch is open vs closed.

Now when looking at the X axis controller output to the motor controller, pictured below

the output is close to 0 when the control panel arrows are not pressed. When pressed DC5V vs PUL is at a steady 40-45mA and DC5V vs DIR is 60-65mA. However when the endstops are closed and the control panel button is pressed this output does not appear to change at all and the head seems to keep going.

Based on my reading of the AWC608 wiring from here:

this should work. I am kind of stumped as to how to figure out and fix this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You need -


I am sorry I don’t quite understand. There are four limit switches on cutter. One’s broken and hence disconnected.

Currently ELX-, ELX(+/-) are connected. I was testing the ELX- limit switch. As far as I can tell, the limit switch is operating properly. It’s the output from the controller to the motor that does not seem to change irrespective of whether the limit switch is open or closed.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you mean?


What are you expecting to change in the motor outputs? If the limit switches are triggered, the motor outputs should stop pulsing, but the dir signal would remain in whatever state it was in.

You might not have hard limits enabled in the vendor settings - I don’t think they’re on by default.

And that’s the problem. I have the multimeter on the controller output to the motor and am using the control pad to drive x- (also tried x+ just in case I had them reversed) but he pulse signal does stays high.

Perhaps the controller is borked and I might have to take a look inside the case.
I will look at enabling hard limits in the vendor settings.


There’s no reason for the pulse signal to change state just because you triggered a limit switch. The pulse signal only changes state when it wants a motor to take a step. If the pulse signal is toggling from high to low and back again after you trip a limit switch then it’s ignoring you.

If you’re using a generic multimeter, you won’t get the info you need - plug a stepper driver and a stepper into it, or use an oscilloscope or digital multimeter with capture so you can actually see the steps.

Ah I see what you mean now. I was misunderstanding how the limit would effect the pulse signal. Thanks.

Will look into seeing if I can get my hands on a digital multimeter with capture.

Thanks again.

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