Trocen Dropping Support for LO-X7 (ACW708C) For Replacement Models AWC7813 and ACW7824 (Touch Screen DSP)

Well now that the news is out about the discontinuation of the 708 units, the questing still remains…
What’s the word on LightBurn working with these models? Will there need to be any serious recoding, or is this a simple adaptation situation?

I am looking forward to testing the 7824 within the next couple weeks!

I have one - haven’t had much time to play, but it seems to just work.

Awesome! That is what I was hoping to hear!

Also, what was your take on the touch screen? I realize you didn’t get much time with it yet, but what was your first impressions on function and screen touch accuracy/response?

I honestly barely played with it - I plugged it in long enough to upload a job and verify that the settings and such worked. It seems fine just from the initial impression.

Good enough. Thanks for the quick responses. I will do a thorough review on it and report back

So I haven’t actually installed the controller on a machine yet (plan to swap out soon), but so far it does work with LB like you said from the file loads and job sets. I’ll return with a more “live use” review in a few days

Hello Oz, any idea if there will be z table access on the 7824. I know there isn’t on the 708c. Thanks

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