Trocen TL-3120 Controller

Hi there, just wondering if the TL-3120 will be supported by Lightburn, at anytime in the future, if it is not already?

It is supported as of 0.9.00.

Thank You for the quick reply.

I will be ordering the software shortly, as i have tried the demo version, and loved it (compared to LaserCAD), so simple and easy to use.

Thank you again.

Just make sure it actually talks to your controller. Power the controller and connect the USB, then run LightBurn, and you should see “Found AWC device” in the lower status bar of the software. If you have that, you’re all set.

I wanted to test the software first, so I borrowed a freinds 2.5w open frame laser, compared to the software that came with it, Lightburn is so easy to use and learn. If it does not work with my Trocen, I can still use Lightburn to make the files i need, and convert them, in a worse case scenario.

Hopefully all will be fine! Cheers!