Trouble connecting 30W OMTech Laser to Lightburn

Hello, I am very new to all things laser. This is my very first one and I am trying to get it connected. It is a OMTech 30W fiber Laser. Lightburn currently cannot find it when I click “Find my Laser”. I have checked device drivers and have the correct one installed. I also have purchased a full DSP License version of Lightburn. I have also checked every USB port on my computer and have tried multiple USB to USBA chords and nothing works. Just to cover all my basses I also uninstalled and reinstalled Lightburn and did a full shut down and reboot of my machine. (Currently running windows 10 on a desktop).

Can you confirm this machine works with EZCAD2? That’s the only type supported by LightBurn at this time.

Note that the version required is the Galvo version or DSP+Galvo version. Did you purchase one of these? If this was DSP only then that would not work with the laser.