Trouble Engraving a Logo

Hi There,

I’ve been using my laser engraving machine normally for the past week but today encountered this error, I’ve used this exact jig setup for another job I was doing so I believe it’s a problem with the logo… Is anybody able to let me know how to fix this please?

If possible can you drop the upload the .lbrn2 file for us to examine?

You can use the download-icon-lightburn or just ‘drag & drop’ it on the reply window. There are a limited set of file extensions you can upload this way.

From what I can see you have some issues in your artwork…

Good luck


Bamboo Trolley Coin (toluna) (1).lbrn2 (450.3 KB)

You have probably by mistake set the line spacing too high, set it down to 0.1 or 0.2 mm and everything is ok again.


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