Trouble Importing PDF

Is there something special i have to do to import a PDF? I typed some stuff up on Microsoft word and then saved it as a PDF. When I go to File > Import and select the PDF file, nothing happens. I am using version 0.9.07

“Typed some stuff up” is likely the key here - LightBurn doesn’t import text from anything but DXF files, because PDF, AI, and SVG all have way more options on text objects than we support. You’d need to change the text to curves in order to import it.

Well here is something interesting. I initially saved the file from inside of word as a PDF and this file didnt import anything. I tried printing to PDF using Microsoft PDF printer and importing this file. The file imported some of the text but not all. The font that did import was a script font. This font was a TrueType font where as the other font was more of a Serif style and was an OpenType

I tried using all TrueType fonts and only the script fonts imported. They must look like curves

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