Trouble loading LB software on my system

I’ve been working on installing this software and after a number of attempts remain unsuccessful. I get hung up on the installation of the NEJE device profile file. Windows asks what do I want to use to open the file. Can’t get past this step.

You don’t “run the file”, you run LightBurn, then in LightBurn when presented with the device list where you can “Find my Laser” or “Create Manually”, there’s also an ‘Import’ option. Import the NEJE file.

import which NEJE file ? when I hit import I can not see any of the NEJE files in my download fold- where I know they are , when I exit lightburn I can see my files again in my download file

Where are you hitting import? If you’re doing it from the general ‘File’ menu, that’s to import artwork, not machine profiles.

Click the ‘Devices’ button in the lower-right of the screen, and the window that pops up has an Import button on it that imports machine profiles. I’m making an assumption here that the NEJE file you’re trying to import is that, because you haven’t told me what the file extension is, or where it came from. If you can tell me what the file extension for the “NEJE device profile” is I can tell you for certain if that’s the correct place to import it.

yes after hitting DEVICE when trying to install my NEJE ,if I hit import no file shows up
like the - neje_grbl_uploader_v3.2 – FILE