Trouble with image burns

I have no problems with line drawings but when it gets to an image it just seems to move extremely slow and just burns a hole. I am using an Opt Laser 6 w laser. Model PLH3D-6W-XF. Not sure what I am missing. See the spot I am pointing to in the picture. The other spots are from other attempts. My light burn is not connected to my laser. I have to download the gcode. My laser is on a CNC router parts cnc. It is wired into the port 3 on the smooth stepper.I had done the text and saw blade no problem. I was trying to put an image in the circle. In Lightburn it looked ok on the preview. I am new to the laser and Lightburn so I hope its an easy solution.

Have you tried using ‘Fill’ on anything yet? (even just a simple shape?)

When you tried to run an image, what settings did you use?

The gcode commands used by LightBurn are quite simple, and there’s no real difference between the commands used for vectors and the ones used for images or fills, so I’m surprised the output is so different, unless there’s something strange in the settings used.

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