Trouble with layer settings persisting between jobs

One of my persistent mistakes with LightBurn is having an unwanted layer setting persist from one job to the next one.The most common suspect is perforation, which doesn’t even show up on the top-level UI, but I’ve made the same mistake with the ‘Output’ checkbox more than once.

Is there a way to turn off the persistence of layer settings from one job to the next ? I find it very unintuitive, I feel like each new job should start from the same defaults, not from something left over from the job before.


" Been there, done that" multiple times, too!

There isn’t yet, but it’s planned. There is a “reset to defaults” button in the cut setting editor, which allows you to clear a setting easily.

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For the record, what I’d like for myself is for new files to always use the defaults.


I understood - That was implied in the “…but it’s planned” part of my reply. :slight_smile:

Many users design in software outside of LightBurn, and use the colors to mean specific things, like red=cut, black=engrave, blue=surface mark. If you use the same materials and settings all the time this can be a big time saver.

You can also use the Material Library to store and recall the settings you use often for various materials. If you get into that habit, applying a setting from the library completely overwrites whatever you’re applying it to, so that could also help.

As I said though, what you’re looking for is planned.

:slight_smile: Just checking. Excellent, thanks.