Trouble with my 1yr old Red/Black 50W machine

For the last year i have had my laser in use at my day job, I have now taken it home as i’m leaving the job. It took two of us a long while to get the laser upstairs to its new home, got it all back together, controller works fine, chiller works fine, blower is ok, turn the laser psu on and… out go all the house lights:(

We have RCD’s on all circuits here and it tripped the one running the main power sockets.

I am guessing the PSU has some minor leakage current which did not matter at work as no RCD’s.

Anyone else have this issue, did you fix it??

Any suggestions?

The power supplies are the weakest link. If you’re blowing breakers when you turn the laser on it’s a good sign that the power supply is bad.

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I guess so, it must be leaking from somewhere, its not an over-current fault but an earth-leakage fault.

I’ll get one sorted and in the mean-time try it on an isolation transformer, that should remove any leakage faults from the house supply at least.

Ok, so my “new” isolation transformer turned out to be faulty, just blows fuses even without a load, been on the shelf for time so probably duff when i got it. :frowning:

Anyone know where i can buy a 60W laser PSU from in the UK, its a MYJG-60W model???

Looks ike i can order form China but have orders piling up now so need it a bit faster.