Trouble with rotary atom stack3 pro

Can anyone tell me why my rotary will not turn 360. When I jog it and why it is so noisy. I have a atomstack 40 watt 3 pro with a atomstack rotary. Thought if I bought that it would sink up perfectly with laser.

Mine did the same thing.
Made noise and vibrates but will not rotate.

There are two connecting cables that come with the rotary unit.
One has black connectors and one has white connectors.
The correct cable for my AtomStack engraver is the one with the white connectors.
The black connector one is for other brands of engravers like the NEJE and ORTUR engravers.
Hope this solves your problem.

Mine only came with one cable, the end that plugs into the stepper y motor is white with 4 pins and the end to the rotory stepper is black 4 pin. I really appreciate you getting back to me.

Oh my gosh, pluging the white cord in worked perfect, thank you so much. Been fighting this for weeks.

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