Trouble with rotary attachment

Greetings fellow laser enthusiasts!

I’ve bought a chinese laser last year, and in this time, I’ve gotten the basics down pretty well. I decided it is time to try out the rotary axis that I got with the machine, but I just cannot seem to get it to work.

At the moment, I am using an USB to get my files to my machine, in order to cut them (making a file, saving as RD file, then transferring with an USB to my machine). I am planning on getting a dedicated workstation PC for the machine, but I can’t tell when that’s going to be, and I would really like to use the rotary now, if it’s at all possible. Does anyone know how I could go around to doing this?

I’ve tried setting up the rotary setup in Lightburn, but when I click on it a second time, I see that it doesn’t remember the settings I’ve put into it, and if I try to run it anyways, the rotary doesn’t turn.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Right, I’ve gotten down to the root of the problem, and fixed it. For all my boasting about mastering the basics, I found the problem was in a loose connector. Works like a charm now.

If the moderators wish to remove this post, go ahead, I figured I’d let it up as a lesson for others, to always go troubleshoot the most basic of things.

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