Trouble with SainSmart 5040

I am trying to use Lightburn with my Genmitsu/Sainsmart LE5040. I can use it with LaserGRBL with no problem so I know it works but I would like to use your software if possible. when I type $$ I get the results below. When I try to use the software It does not move the proper distances and ends up smashing into the sides since this model strangely does not have endstops or sensorless homing as far as I can tell. When I run the autodetect it tells me my device is GRBL (400 x350mm) but it’s should be 500x400. I’ve manually added the machine with the proper dimensions but it still does not behave as expected.

Any suggestions?



That’s why LightBurn thinks the machine is 400 x 350 mm. That’s what the firmware settings say it is.

For homing and movement within the workspace:
The machine doesn’t have homing switches, which means that the zero point of the machine is random, in fact, wherever you have the head when you power the machine will be zero. To set the zero point properly, either power up the machine with the head at the front-left, or jog there and enter this command:

G92 X0 Y0

The above tells the controller “where you are right now is X0 Y0”.

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