Trouble with sending artwork to laser

hello! ive just started using LightBurn and my laser cutter. ive managed to connect my laser to my computer however when I click send to laser its not actually sending…
however today I just pressed ‘start’ and it engraved instead of cut and was backwards…

Ive noticed in the mode section of the layer it says ‘line’ should it be saying cut? if so I don’t have an option for cut there.

please help! thank you

Hi Katie, there is only ‘line’ ‘fill’ or ‘line/fill’.
If you want it to cut it’s a speed and power setting to suit your laser.
If you could add your 'make of laser and laser power to your profile and your OS (windows or whatever it is you use) it would help :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
The ‘backwards’ problem is just another setting.
have you selected the ‘origin’ in ‘device settings’ top of Lightburn (spanner and screwdriver) it’s which corner your machine automatically homes to when you turn it on.

thanks so much for your reply
I use a MAC. not sure how I know the laser power of my machine? all I can see is its a Ruida. thats probably not much help haha.
I selected the origin when I connected the machine but maybe I will try it again this way!

Where did you get it? Maybe a link to it or a similar one?


Hi Katie, we changed the names to have them a bit more understandable. Line = Cut, Fill = Scan and then Fill+Line = Scan first then Cut.

The issue you are having with sending is a know Mac / USB / Ruida communications issue we are trying to resolve. Currently, the best option for controlling your Ruida from a Mac is to connect via Ethernet.

We are also working to provide the LightBurn Bridge to help eliminate the need to connect your Mac via USB. It is in beta testing currently, and we hope to release very soon. You can read about it here: Intro and Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

awesome thanks
I will have a look into Ethernet.
one more question, what does scan mean/do?

just to clarify, you mean connect the ethernet cable directly from my Mac to the laser cutter?

Yes. You may need to get a USB to Ethernet connector, which Apple sells for around $30UDS.

As mentioned above, we have been working on an alternative solution and will soon have this option for you as well: Intro and Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

‘Scan’ is another word used to describe the action of sweeping back and forth, turning the laser on and off to fill the shape. In LightBurn, we call that a ‘Fill’.

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