Trouble with the roller

I burned this image flat on a piece of wood to see how it would turn out before sacrificing a tumbler, It could be better but that is why we practice Eh? So I hooked up the roller, enabled it in lightburn and clicked start. Laser was firing, moving back and forth and the roller was rolling, and this what I got. This multiple attempts on the same tumbler.

This is the first time using the roller any idea on what went wrong?

I using a foxalien mauster pro with a 40W laser,and also using the roller from them

It looks like it’s working… but not configured correctly…

Was there some kind of setup guide on how to install it?

Can we see it or a link to it…

The mug is not much help, if you had done it one time, maybe but there are so many paths I don’t know what I’m looking at…

It appears to be a rotation setup issue…

Can you screenshot the rotary setup gui?


It was 2 not complete attempts and unfortunately I m till playing with the power and speed. I have only used the laser on wood.

How is this setup in Lightburn … screenshot of gui?

What lpi/dpi are you attempting?

When you click on ‘test’ in the rotary gui, does the roller turn 1 complete rotation and back ?


I am not sure what the gui is, this maybe ??

It made 4 1/2 turns when I hit test

I suspect that 360mm/rotation should be 80mm/rotation…

360/4.5 = 80 …

Seems to ring a bell…

It’s always wise to use Lightburn Machine Settings to save the factory copy of your firmware settings before you modify it for a rotary.

When your rotary is setup and working save a copy of it again, with some kind of rotary identifier.

It’s easy to switch back and forth without human error…


4.5 one way it didn’t go clockwise then counter clock just one way

Test is supposed to do one complete then back to the start…

Check the mm/rotation and see if there is an improvement with the test button.

Are your rollers < 8mm in diameter?

My drive wheel is 62mm. I know these are smaller, but < 8mm? Might be…

GUI = Graphical User Interface :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I was typing while you were :slight_smile: , I changed the 360 to 80 and I got 1 full counter clockwise rotation

That sounds better… Only one way?


Correct and yes they are 8mm rollers

It’s supposed to go back to the start… You might try framing an object and see if it appears to frame ok…

I’d run a small job on that pictured mug and see how it looks… can’t really harm it any worse… I have some in the trash much too often.

I think the test button should operate the same no matter what controller you have.


when frame it goes around counter clockwise 2x and clockwise 3x

the messed up mug will be the one that I will end up leaving on a jobsite or one one a friend leaves with when they want to-go coffee hahaha

I’ll have to think about this … maybe @berainlb has seen this…

I’ll have to think on this…

If you do a $$ is the registers you have to change OK? The only exception would be the rotary stuff…


I’m not super familiar with these but I think what’s happening is that because you’re changing both $101 as well as the rotary configuration you’re somewhat double configuring things.

I assume the instruction manual is setup so that the program doesn’t have to make any special consideration for rotary. So you just use the device like a normal flat X,Y system.

If, however, you’re using rotary function in LightBurn it might make sense to leave 80 in for $101 and modify the rotary settings only.

Once you do that, then make sure roller diameter is set and then tweak mm per rotation until you get one full rotation of the roller and back with the Test button.

I used the throw away mug and ran the file it work as it should, the name was all the way around the neck of the mug, I didn’t get little girl and the horse in lightburn in the right spot but had I, I think that would have turned out fine. I will move some things around and try it on another mug. Man the learning curve on these things is crazy, but once you get it, the things you can create is unreal

Thanks for the help

I set my ‘job origin’ at the center left.

When I align the head to the logo, it’s centered over the mugs logo. Framing outlines the image…

This one is double sided… but center over the manufacturers logo.

I have the ‘start from’ set to user origin, so you have to ensure that is set on the machine… On the Ruida, you have to press the button on the machine…

Good luck


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Put tape on the mug to do testing. That way you don’t ruin the expensive pieces. Lower the power for test too.

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That is a great tip, thank you

I feed can food to the dog… wash out the food and use the label to check the rotary… Very thin and easy to chuck up…


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