Trouble with the roller

I had to reread that last comment to understand what you meant, not sure why it didn’t register the first time. I must have been very sleepy. Any tips how to do both sides at the same time. Like your tumbler but also on the other side in one go. Is it a simple as making good measurements and a good layout in lightburn?

There is no other side, unless you mean the inside of the mug…

A rotary should be able to rotate 360॰

Think of the cup/can/object as a flat entity. Like a decal… It’s laying on your ‘work area’.

The reason is that’s what is rotary is duplicating the work table in that specific axes.

Unless I’m not understanding you … make sense or can you clarify…


not the inside LOL. I meant the other 180 degrees but you clarified what I thought with the flat surface part of you explanation.

Does that solve the issue? If so, mark it solved …


one last question the image I was using when I started came out fine but this last go round with a different image came out in reverse “mirrored” and I had to put it in light burn like this to get it the correct orientation. Any thoughts?

Usually that indicates an ‘origin’ issue. Is the ‘origin’ of ‘Edit → Device settings’ correctly set?


I haven’t changed anything in there, don’t really know that much about this stuff to be changing values

Could you have placed the rotary into the machine ‘swapped’ from before… Make sure it’s placed in the machine, motor on the same side.

It will turn the wrong way and the image will be mirrored… it’s occurring across what will be the rotaries axes…

Something obviously changed… did you pay extra for the ‘gremlin’ option :rofl:


that is possible, but then again this a different unit, it may have spirts inside of it. I returned the one I was using when I started this thread, it wasn’t rolling smoothly. I clearly didn’t pay attention to the way I had it before, I will spin it around and see what happens

I have a PiBurn and it came with the rotaries motor fields reversed… I ran it with the motor on the left until I re-wired it’s connector…

Good luck


Thanks, I will tinker with it tomorrow when I get home from work, and report back

I flipped the roller around and it worked as it should, no germlings. Is there a way in light burn to have the laser step down on the Z axis while it is engraving? example: the tumbler is not flat from top to bottom, like a bell

I don’t know your machine, but I’d suspect not… To follow an object like a bell, the software would have to know the ‘function of the bells shape’ to be able to move it…

Someone else may have an answer for this… On my tapered glasses I tilt the rotary or raise one end to make it parallel but clueless about curved objects.


The “Z” goes up and down so I just thought there might be a way. A bell would be on the the extreme end of the spectrum. I never payed much attention to tumblers before I got the laser but now I am like "Oh I could fancy that up or nope I could only do this little part. Some of them have a slight contour to them and others have a huge step down towards the bottom like a route 44 drink from sonic.

Much like a square bottle… you can do each side, but it’s tough to rotate it and make it ‘wrap’… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I did, but it didn’t work for me.

This is one of those things that I need to be explained. I know it seems rudimentary and it probably is I would prefer a detailed explanation so I do bugger up any more tumblers. they are getting expensive, but I did figure out that I can take the powder coat off and polish them and create a stainless steel tumbler with black writing if I do.

So my question is how do I get the name and the company logo to be equally apart around the tumbler

You’ll have to do some math to find the circumference of the tumbler, then space your text accordingly. Once you know that circumference, you can draw a rectangle as a Tool layer with a height that fits the measured length.

I’d highly suggest you apply masking tape for test burns, to keep from going through tumblers.

Yep, I got that rectangle it is the first line. The math is the question, do you want equal spacing between the last letter of the company logo and the first letter of the name? I know I should be able to visualize this and I can some what but everyone’s name’s are different lengths. If light burn only had 3D you could fold that rectangle on to it self and spin it around