Trouble with Tribbles - or DXF's

I bought (I know! Sad, innit!) a file from etsy that is only in DXF format.

Ostensibly for 3mm material, it imports at much larger.

Obviously it’s going to be an inch v mm thing, you would think, right? But the vendor is Spanish and uses mm only, as do I and swears the file is good.

I got him to save it as SVG and it imports perfectly and the measurements are correct - so he has it in his machine at the correct dimensions, but between his machine and mine, via DXF, it screws up.

The particular file I bought isn’t of any consequence, as I only bought it to bring my purchase price up to where I got a 40% discount on what I did want…

I’ve imported the SVG and exported it as DXF and there’s definitely some differences in the file format.

Can I send it to you at support@ and have you determine where the problem lies?

DXFs don’t include their unit of measure (at least, most don’t). There’s a setting in the main settings to specify the DXF import unit. If it comes in 2.54x bigger than it should be, you’re using cm and they used inches. Send the file(s) and I can likely figure out the difference.

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