Trouble with Vector Alignment

I apologize for being new at this, but I was attempting to use a vector file with a Ortur Laser Master 2. The vector is comprised of multiple lines which can technically be moved around. When I look at the preview, it looks fine. However, the machine keeps moving the lines around such that everything comes out messed up. Please see the images below.

I tried clicking the “optimize cut path” off or on. I did get different alignments, but neither matched the image. What am I missing? :slight_smile:

Bump! I’d still like to understand what is going wrong here. The image appears to contain multiple segments. They all exist on the first layer here. Everything is in alignment on the image, however many of the lines don’t line up on the actual cut job.

What is going wrong? Please help!!!

This looks like something slipped mechanically. Post this file, so we can ensure there isn’t something odd in the file. Check that all components for looseness and check things are moving smoothly and are snug.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve attached the file I was using. It seemed that whatever was going on was reproducible regardless of scale. (which would suggest it’s not mechanical slipping) I also have had good luck with single line burns. I believe that changing whether it started from absolute coordinates vs. user origin did change which layers were misaligned.

Strat.lbrn (369.9 KB)

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