Trying NWT with diode & Ruida

Still Running, looking good but not sure if I burn it into the tile or just the paint

Well that was a total faillure, good thing it did not scratch the tile so I can try again :slight_smile:

lol at least it looked cool in the process… :wink:

Are you trying now with a different kind of paint?

yes and I will cut out a small bit of the face and try different power levels

Well I am also wondering what kind of paint to use (Netherlands here) I have a bunch of tiles, just didn’t find time to experiment with these.
Those foreign brands aren’t available here.

I am Dutch but in Germany, no Rustoleum here either. This tile was with a spray can wall paint which has tio2, with the CO2 I can get nice results even on glass. But did not manage with my diode yet.

(your last name gave it away ;))
Think I am going to pay a visit to the “gamma” later today. Now I want to try as well with my CO2!

Where those glazed? I purchased some Laserbond 100 to try. My first couple are here and here. The first job, I stopped part way thought. Just wanted to see how the effect was.
I was running about 45% power at 35mm/s on the second one. They advocate a little higher power in the literature.

This was no planning or anything. I had time to run a couple quick jobs, but they turned out surprising good for no testing.

I’m sure the results would be much better if I had spent the time to dial it in.