Trying to cut through 1/8in wood with Aufero LU2-4LF

I am definitely a novice to this kind of “programming,” and it is showing… I got this model of laser because it says it can cut through thinner pieces of wood. I have an 1/8in pine board (and another possibly harder wood) that it wont cut through…?

I apparently can do the air assist - but have NO IDEA how to set that part up?

HELP! :smiley:

I would run a focus test first.

Then you can run another cut test of just “trial and error” quickly
That laser output looks like 5.5 watts.
Start around 150 to 200mm speed and around 75% power.
I cut through 1/8" birch plywood close to those settings. You might need 2 passes for complete burn through.
The air assist will make a big difference in how it looks and cuts.
I have a shop air compressor with a needle valve, you can search and use an aquarium pump which will get the job done. Your laser looks like it came with nozzle already? Just hook up the tubing and remember to turn it on before you start burning. I always forget :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I have found good settings for the engraving portion … but I still cant seem to get it to cut through.

Randomly - ironically - I found that last time I played around with this… I DID CUT THROUGH… though it didnt show on both sides… I know it was on a faster speed, as the two speeds you recommended didnt seem to cut through, only burned wider paths.

Any suggestions?

Thank you again!

Hi David,
Are you adding passes to try and cut through or are you just varying speed and power?

I have tried passes… but it doesn’t seem to cut any deeper, just make the marks more black? Im learning how little I know about all this… and wish I could get like an in person demo! lol