Trying to Engrave my first few Acrylic sheets with Photos

I’m using a AtomStack 40W laser. Does anyone have a good speed and power setting that I can start with? Thanks.

Help!! First burn on Cast Acrylic. AtomStack 40W laser. Speed was 320mm/s and power was 12. Still looks to hot to me the engraved areas look gray after cleaning it. Any sugestions? Speed it up some and leave the power at 12? Thanks

Yes I agree it still looks to deep for the light to go through and up the image, the light is being refracted to much by the deep cut, although the image could be a little large for that small LED light also.

Cover the acrylic in a masking tape to help reduce the power hitting it could help.

Like this

Thanks for the reply. So just add the tape to the top of the sheet and shoot through that leaving the bottom uncovered? This is a 40w blue Laser. So any idea on speed and power with the tape?

I’m surprised a blue laser can do this with clear acrylic. I though acrylic was transparent to blue light.


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It is. I’m shooting the beam against a black metal plate and using the heat from it to engrave. Seems to work but not to great yet LOL