Trying to find the white space setting in device settings I have the latest version 1.1.04

I have an OMTech 80w with Rudia controller using an HP with windows 10 and have looked under edit/ device settings and I do not have white settings anywhere? Am I missing something, is it named something else or should I uninstall and reinstall? The first pic is before I upgraded to 1.1.04 and the 2nd pic is what is on Lightburns website. I have researched and the 2 post I find on this exact issue never gives an answer :blush:.

That setting is not relevant for Ruida controllers. GRBL has it and maybe others.

Thanks for the reply​:blush:. That is good to know!!! I am engraving a cutting board and wanted to see if I can speed up the time that’s when I stated researching on how to save time :blush:.

What are you dealing with? You may be able to get some perspective for the specific situation you’re having.

I am engraving this kitchen conversion chart onto cutting boards and it take 1.5hrs to engrave. My speed is 250 and power is 25. Here is a pic.

I suggest you experiment with offset fill and flood fill (under advanced tab). Alternatively, you could split the design into separate layers to make the most of each fill type to get the effect you want and also performance improvement.

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Ok I will do that. I just started reading about that. Thank you so much for you help and advise :blush:.

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