Trying to install lightburn on second laptop not getting anywhere

i can not figure out how to instlall this software on my second laptop need help

Can you elaborate on what problem you’re experiencing?

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i have product key from purchase from ap laser not sure how to get that started on my secondary laptop i can find anything asking for my key to download on this computer hope this helps

do i have to start with trial version again ?

There is no difference in the software itself, only the key that’s used to activate the software. So either a trial key or a full key. You needn’t first apply a trial key.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download software from this link:
    Download Free Trial – LightBurn Software
  2. Install software
  3. After installation, you will be asked for a key. Enter the key that you received.
  4. Setup a device to use
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ok think i got it took me a bit to remember that, thanks very much greatly appreciate your time & help !

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