Trying to resize slots in a shape


Im trying to widen the slot to 3.7mm from 3.12mm, but the toolwont recognize the slot :slight_smile:
Been looking around on the forum to try and find the answer but im lost…
The “inner” corners are 90degrees, the “outer” corners are not 90degrees since its done in a circle. I´m total noob at this but trying to get wifey happy with a new lamp screen :smiley:
LampaOrg65leaf.lbrn2 (12.7 KB)

There is an extra note hidden under the green note in the top left corner, removed it and all is well.

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Adding onto what Bernd said, if you find this is happening on other shapes, you may want to try using the Offset tool with an Offset Distance of 0 and Optimize Results enabled to clean up the shape. Turning on Delete original objects is a good idea as well, so you don’t end up with duplicated shapes.



Super thanks for the fast help :slight_smile:

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