Trying to save machine settings

I am using Lightburn v0.9.04 software and a Ruida controller.

How do I save the machine settings? I want to save them in case I mess up and have to restore them later. I have also wanted to save them for another user that messed up his machine (same mach. as mine) to get him going again.

I have tried doing this through the Machine Settings panel but the Load and Save are grayed out so it seem I should be able to.

This isn’t supported in LightBurn yet, mostly because I want to make really sure that I don’t mess it up, and the functionality does exist in RDWorks (the vendor supplied software).

It’s one of the very few things that could damage the machine if I get it wrong, so I want to do this carefully.

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OK, that makes sense! I’ll go back to RDWorks for that now. I appreciate you being safe.

It was me he was trying to save after I pressed reset on the control panel. I ended up pressing ZU then selecting “Set default para”.

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